April's Dog of the Month

Here she is, our April Earth Friendly Dog of the Month.  Don and Leslie are the proud owners and told us her story:

"Here is our 9 year old Golden Retriever named Kelcey. I am a nurse in a pediatric emergency room. One saturday evening a 3 1/2 year old boy came in with a dog bite. He actually had a small laceration under one eye. I went in to see my patient, asked some questions, who's dog was it, shots up to date, etc. Then being an animal lover, I asked, without sounding like I was discounting the injury, "what happened to the dog?"

"I was relieved to hear nothing. I asked what the plans were, I was told that they would be getting rid of it. Either someone takes it or they would put her to sleep. As I asked questions, I was told the 3 1/2 yo frequently would grab and squeeze the dog, as happened that evening. I gave the father my number to give me a call, as we might take her. I then asked what the breed was, a Golden! The boy was patched up, and discharged. By 8am the next morning, the owner called me to ask if I wanted the dog. He was at my house 1/2 later. Spaded, house broken, beautiful. Kelcey walked away from the former owner without even looking back. it was like she has always been with us. Besides a midlife weight problem she is a joy to have as a member of our family.  She is now on an all natural diet and an exercise program... Well, actually that is for all of us."

Congrats to Don, Leslie and Kelcey!

Your Dog can be a Winner Too- Just e-mail us at nanblatt@sonic.net and tell us your story.  Each month's winner gets a free In-Home Doggie Bag Dispenser holding 200 bags and extra special prize for your dog... In addition $1.00 will be donated to the Humane Society of USA for each entry. For more information see our orginal blog post.

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