Doggie Bags West: 100% Biodegradable Bags

Today is my first Blog, and I would like to Welcome all who view this site.  I will keep you up to date on any new happenings at Doggie Bags West, and news items that I think you would be interested.

A new item for Doggie Bags West:  100% Biodegradable Bags.  Many manufactures claim that their bags are biodegradable, but sometimes the "real meaning" of "biodegradable" is loosely used.........

Be assured that the Biodegradable Bags offered by Doggie Bags West meet the following strict requirements to claim biodegradable:

  1. Comply with Biodegradability standards in all 50 states
  2. Meets ASTM D6400 specifcations for biodegradable claims
  3. Meets the requirements of California Law, SB1749

Our bags will not break down or congeal due to the air elements such as moisture and heat.  The "decomposing" of our bags begin once dog waste is in contact,and will decompose fully in commercial landfills within 90 days. 

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